Espacio Temporal is an independent exhibition space that aims to create dialogues between contemporary artistic practices from Latin America and the Caribbean with the European context. Espacio Temporal has a surface of 212 m2 and is installed inside Ivan Argote's studio in Pantin. This platform presents contemporary art projects, publications, architecture, film, music and performance through exhibitions, music and video programs, conversations and debates, among others. Espacio Temporal is an ephemeral project, which does not respond to institutional norms; it is an experimental and collaborative place of friendships and energies. Espacio Temporal is an initiative of Sofía Lanusse and Iván Argote since 2019.

Amanhã Há De Ser Outro Dia
Group Exhibition. An initiative by Sandra Hegedüs, in collaboration with SAM Art Projects Artist: Anna Torres, Bianca Dacosta, Elian Almeida, Juliano Caldeira, Lyz Parayzo,  Lucas Kröeff, Isadora Soares Belletti, Gabriel Moraes Aquino, Wagner Schwartz, Romain Vicari, Rodrigo Braga, Randolpho Lamonier, Liliane Mutti, Julio Villani, Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, Joana Zimmermann, Daniel Zarvos, #fumaçaantifascista and Iván Argote.  Curated by Sofía Lanusse
AV/CV: The Brushback Pitch
In collaboration with Persona Curada Artists: Abdul Vas & Christian Vinck Text by Noelia Portela 
Fuck (,) my cartesian mind
Solo show by Paul Gounon Text by Iván Argote
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